Development Education and Global Education in Irish Schools

Amawele facilitates 102 schools partnerships between Irish and African schools. In Ireland, Amawele works with primary and post-primary schools nationally embedding development education programmes through the facilitation of partnerships and capacity building through training and mentoring.

The partnerships create awareness of the causes and effects of poverty and inequality and provide opportunities for school children broaden their horizons and have a deeper global outlook. Amawele aims to demonstrate support for change in a global context by delivering development education training to our network of partner schools and teachers to allow a deeper understanding of global issues and the organisation’s educational empowerment and poverty and hunger reduction work.

By using our African programmes as practical visual interactive tools, our workshops and resources aim to build the capacity of our schools network. Students and teachers are provided with first-hand primary account of life in developing countries and the similarities which exist amongst school children as well as the challenges which schools and schools communities in the Africa face.

Amawele seeks to ensure the quality provision of development education in schools, increased levels of whole school participation in development education and the strengthened capacity of schools through the medium of schools twinning and global schools partnerships.

What is the School Twinning Programme

We deliver development education programmes to Primary Schools and Post Primary Schools across Ireland.

We aim to achieve a positive change in the perceptions of teachers, students and wider schools communities towards global justice and development using the mediums of linking and schools twinning as mechanisms to empower change and to encourage a broader understanding of the world outside of  ones  own personal environment.

What does it focus on?

We have a significant focus on visual and interactive learning which we heavily emphasise through workshops, school to school Skype contact and practical learning which we believe enhances the outcomes for learners and stimulates for further and longevity of engagement.

We encourage schools in the Amawele network to use the link to their twin schools in South Africa as an experience mechanism for their Development Education work.  Amawele  places  a  strong  emphasis  on  learner-centred  and  action-based  methodologies.  We conduct  our  Development  Education  programmes  through  practical  methods  including  music,  dance, puppetry,  drama  and  practical  permaculture.

We  encourage  a  significant  focus  on  enhancing communication,  intellectual  and  action  skills  through  group  work,  discussion,  competition,  simulation exercises and debate which allow the students to engage critically with development issues on a mutual basis with their twin schools.

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