Civil Society Programmes

Amawele works to address the multi-facets of poverty, hunger and barriers to education in South Africa, Zambia and Malawi

We support schools communities in our programme areas and ensure that activities are consistent with, and complementary to, activities of the host government and development partners.

In South Africa, Amawele works in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal provinces. We work with schools in six townships and in the Cape Flats in Cape Town.

In Malawi, Amawele works with rural schools in Mzuzu – in the northwest of the country.

In Zambia, Amawele works with a cluster of school communities in the capital city of Lusaka.

Amawele seeks to ensure the quality provision of development education in schools, increased levels of whole school participation in development education and the strengthened capacity of schools through the medium of schools twinning and global schools partnerships.

Right to Food Programme

In our African schools we implement sustainable food security programmes in schools by building and providing food gardens in African schools which supplement the schools feeding programmes through partnership with government agencies and groups representing the most vulnerable and disadvantaged learners in schools.

Our aim is twofold – to use the produce to add to and complement the provisions from governmental feeding programmes for schools and to improve nutritional education in school communities.

School committees take ownership of the gardens which becomes a source of constant produce and eventually a revenue provider for schools.

Schools Governance Schemes

To work in partnership with appropriate and relevant bodies in our countries of operation to support our target group of school communities to access available resources and expertise.

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